An immersive wireless headphone experience guaranteed to put a spring in your step and a smile in your heart. 

How do silent events work?

Choose a venue, grab some gear and turn it up… simple as that.


From a rooftop bar to a sandy beach. From a school gym to a ski hill there’s scarcely a single venue where a silent event can’t be held.

Noise ordinances? Sound curfew? No problem. We can keep the party going long after the neighbours have gone to bed. All our gear can operate solely on their internal batteries (for up to 10 hours) and is totally portable. 

Transmitting via UHF (Ultra high Frequency) our 3 broadcast stations (Red, blue and green) offer unparalleled sound quality and a range of over 500m. There is no limit to the number of headsets that can receive the broadcasts.

Whether its a iPod, DJ equipment, a laptop, a live feed or the sound track to a movie, our transmitters are 100% plug and play.

Our wireless stereo headphones can receive 3 channels of audio input. With the flick of a switch the listeners choose between the red, blue or green channel for their preferred soundtrack.

Each headset has its own personal volume control and lights up to show which channel has been selected.

We’d love to help make your next event even more awesome… send us some info and we’ll get right on it.